Friday, September 03, 2004

The North Carolina Rock Project

Let's start things off with a little nostalgia. Time was, the Triangle (and I guess Chapel Hill in particular) was going to be "the new Seattle". Since grunge has long since faded and Seattle was only briefly the fount of the new cool, I'm not sure what that would have gotten us, so perhaps it's just as well that it never came to pass. There were some great bands with NC and Triangle ties in the 80s bubbling under the REM-led college rock scene -- the dB's and Let's Active, and then later Dillon Fence are my touchstones for this -- but they never really hit it big. I think it was Superchunk in the 90s that really drew national attention to the Triangle music scene.

Here's an article from the Independent a couple of weeks back about a documentary under production highlighting "the North Carolina music scene, specifically the rock/power pop from Arrogance in the late '70s/early '80s up to Dillon Fence in the late '80s." Sounds like an interesting project -- I hope it comes to fruition. I'm not familiar with the bands that are highlighted in this article -- Arrogance, the Woods, and the Hanks -- but I'll see if I can dig anything up and post it later.