Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Well, who the hell knew so many conservatives read music blogs? Not really much to say other than that at the very least Bush has to be held accountable for his actions thus far. (Very small consolation, it seems to me.)

Here's some pissed-off music for a pissed-off morning from NC's seminal punk/metal band, Corrosion of Conformity. From fairly hard-core roots in the mid-1980s, they moved towards a more metal-influenced sound by the early 1990s. Follow the ever-shifting lineup at this fan site. (Despite the protests on that site, it does get a bit Spinal Tap-ish...) Read the All Music profile here.

MP3: "Vote With a Bullet"
(from Blind, Relativity 1991. Buy the 1995 remaster.)

(And please note that this just happens to be the CoC song I found available on line. I'm certainly not putting it out there as any kind of message. )


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