Thursday, January 20, 2005

Great Show at Local 506 Tomorrow

There's a fantastic lineup of (mostly) Americana-influenced bands at Local 506 tomorrow night. I've already mentioned the Honored Guests (here) and the Strugglers (here), and they're joined by Cub Country.

Launched by former Jets to Brazil bassist Jeremy Chatelain, Cub Country works a much more rootsy vein. According to this interview, Chatelain doesn't care for their music to be labeled "country" or "Americana", and I suppose "alt country" would make his skin crawl -- but you'd pretty much have to call their music something along those lines.

The first Cub Country album, High Uinta High, was recorded with a catchall collection of Chatelain's friends, but their 2004 release Stay Poor, Stay Happy features a more stable lineup of Chapel Hill musicians (Matt Sumrow on bass, Jeff Clarke on guitar and Jeff Ansley on drums). They'll make a great complement to the Honored Guests' "gauzy pop" and the Strugglers' "cracked folk" (adjectives courtesy the Independent).

MP3: "St. Louis"
MP3: "High Uinta High"
(from High Uinta High, Jade Tree 2001. Buy or download)

MP3: "The Salt Islands"
MP3: "Missed the Train"
(from Stay Poor, Stay Happy, Future Farmer 2004. Buy or download.)


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