Monday, September 27, 2004

Tres Chicas

Just a brief post to get things flowing again. One of the first local acts that I was interested in hearing was Tres Chicas. Notwithstanding their name, there's nothing Latin-influenced about the music that these three women make. (I believe that it's a requirement that any discussion of Tres Chicas make that half-joke, so there you go.) A Triangle folk super-group of sorts, Tres Chicas features Caitlin Cary (who used to play with Ryan Adams in Whiskeytown and has a couple of fine solo albums out), Lynn Blakey (who was in Let's Active back in the day and now records with Glory Fountain, which just got added to my list of bands to check out), and Tonya Lamm (formerly of Hazeldine).

They have a record of gorgeous country-folk songs called Sweetwater and recorded a song for the Alejandro Escovedo tribute/benefit album Por Vida.

MP3: Sweetwater
"Media Player": Deep as Your Pocket (This ought to launch a pop-up window -- don't know if it will work...)
(From Sweetwater, Yep Roc 2004. Buy or download)
I'm partial to the closing track, a cover of George Jones' "Take the Devil Out of Me", which picks up the tempo a bit -- after the mellow, Chris Stamey produced tracks that precede it, it's a rousing campfire singalong with simple guitar accompaniment.


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