Wednesday, November 10, 2004

WXYC 10 Year Webcast Anniversary

Back in 1994, on Sept. 7, UNC-Chapel Hill radio station WXYC went on line with a simulcast of their on air broadcast. Despite a few claims to the contrary, they are generally recognized as the first radio station to webcast their programming. (And really, if you can't trust Alex Trebeck to give you the straight dope, who can you trust?) They've come a long way since then, with MP3, Real Audio, and even OGG streams, plus a nifty live playlist feature.

So, to celebrate the anniversary, they've put together a nice compliation of local music called Bandwidth. There are some physical copies for sale, but the whole thing is available to download, including cover art and liner notes. If you wish, they have a BitTorrent file to download everything at once, or a zipped file with MP3s inside. Or you can pick and choose individual MPs to download here. It's a somewhat hit and miss collection, so here's my quick take on some of the more worthwhile tracks.

MP3: "Binger" (Malt Swagger)
First time I've heard of Malt Swagger, but I like the woozy lope of this instrumental, with some vibes and violin adding texture.

MP3: "Life Ain't Easy" (Spectac and Median)
Hip-hop has been sorely lacking on this blog so far. Don't know much (anything) about these guys but like the simple old-school beat with horn sample and scratching.

MP3: "Open Season" (Shark Quest)
I posted a little bit about these guys before. This one isn't as surf-influenced or as energetic as some of the other stuff I've heard, but a mellow instrumental that flows along nice and easy.

MP3: "Lost John" (Etta Baker)
Old-style acoustic guitar picking on this traditional tune from 90 year old Baker. I don't think Honey, Where You Been So Long has posted any of her music, but it's right up Peter's alley.

There's other good stuff on the comp, and some stuff that I just don't care for ("Bush Laden Family BBQ" and "A Space Nomad's Wildest Dreams" are pretty silly), but check it out for yourself. And remember, all this computer stuff costs money, so if you have the chance, help WXYC out. They're a real asset to the area.


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