Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Butchies

Durham's Butchies are a zippy punk/pop power trio. Their candy-colored web site reflects the tone of their latest album, Make Yr Life (Yep Roc 2004) -- bright, fun, and loud. (Except for the slowed-down cover of the Outfield's "Your Love" that closes the album.) Many of their lyrics are driven by the band's feminist/lesbian politics, which resulted in a spot on a recent episode of VH1's "My Coolest Years" that focused on homosexuality.

I don't have time for more commentary, so here's another review/interview that touches on the recording of Make Yr Life and their new relationship with Yep Roc, and here's a review of their 2001 album 3.

MP3: "Trouble"
(from Make Yr Life, Yep Roc 2004. Buy or download)

The Butchies web site also has three older songs to download ("Anything Anthology", "It's Over" , and "To Be Broadcast"), but I can't tell you anthing about them. They're .zip files, and though I think I'm downloading and extracting them correctly, I can't get the MP3 files to play. If you have a chance, leave a comment and let me know if this is some bizzare problem that only I have or if it really is a problem with the files. Thanks!


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