Friday, May 19, 2006

"Like the air/like a song": Farewell to the Sames

The Sames, as I've mentioned before, were just about the first local band I profiled back when I started the Oak Room. Last year's full-length release, You are the Sames, wrapped up some tremendous hooks in a mass of fuzzy guitar -- one of my favorites. They also contributed three sharp songs to the collaborative 3X4 compilation released earlier this year. But now they're hanging it up, for reasons that aren't entirely clear. The Independent made the Sames their band of the month for May, and here's an interview and appreciation.

At least they're going out with a bang: a farewell extravaganza at the Cat's Cradle tonight featuring a host of other like-minded bands (most of whom have recorded on Pox World, the label run by Sames guitarist Zeno Gill). I'd pay good money to see this lineup, but it's all free (and apparently they're providing food as well!). In tribute, here's a mix of songs from the Sames and their pals. I'll miss them.

The Sames: "Like a Song (Really)"; "In Liberty Lights" (from You are the Sames 2005 buy)
"Coney Island of the South" (from 3X4 2006 buy)
The Rosebuds: "Governor's Daughter" (from Compulation Volume One 2003 buy)
"Leaves Do Fall" (from Birds Make Good Neighbors 2005 buy/download)
Schooner: "Stunts and Showmanship and Codes" (from You Forget About Your Heart 2004 buy)
North Elementary: "Heartbreakin' in Machine" (from Lose Your Favorite Things 2004 buy)
Audubon Park: "Sunbathers" (from The Bunny is Not as Popular as Julius 2005)
Pleasant: "Fight Song" (from Awkward as a Beehive 2005[?] buy)
Torch Marauder: "Where No One Is" (from Boxers, Painters, and Snappers 2004 buy)

Like the air
Like a song
Now we're here
Now we're gone...



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