Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pin Projekt and Troika Music Festival Preview

Midtown Dickens:
"Eggs and Toast"
Audubon Park:
"Oh Register Why Are You Crying"

Well, I had hoped to do this sooner, but that's how it goes...

TONIGHT (9/9) at 305 South in Durham, there's a fundraiser for next month's homegrown Troika Music Festival. They are auctioning off bowling pins that have been turned into works of art by a host of local artists and musicians, including Mac McCaughan and poster artist/Nein bassist Casey Burns. (Not to mention my e-mail pals John Harrison and Jason Kutchma.)

They look really cool, but the site is all Flash-ed up and I can't link to them. Take a look on line, and certainly go tonight if you are in the area. Musical performances by anti-folk duo Midtown Dickens and mysterious (to me) rockers Audubon Park, plus the unpredictable collective of the Pox Family Singers.

Much more could be said about this, and I'll definitely be coming back to Troika -- it looks amazing this year -- but time is short. Enjoy the music and the pins!


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