Friday, August 18, 2006

Gerty's last hurrah


"Go Out Tonight"
(from 307 Knox Records Compliation 2006)

Short on time and energy these days, but here's an update for you. Local label 307 Knox (with a great new website design, by the way) recently put out a 2-CD compliation that I've been enjoying quite a bit. (Though it is, as these things often are, a bit hit-and-miss.) As I detailed previously, new-wave revivalists Gerty! morphed into a band called the Ex-Members and are waiting for drummer Melissa York (ex-Butchies) to get neck surgery. One highlight of the 307 Knox comp is what seems to be one of the last Gerty recordings, featuring (I'm assuming) a cameo from electro-rappers Robosapien.

I'll probably try to highlight some more stuff from these discs soon, but go pick one up for yourself at local shops -- I got mine at Chaz's.


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