Friday, August 11, 2006

Schooner demos: moody, lo-fi rock


"Ominous Bird"
(demos from forthcoming album)

Well, I started working on an elaborate post about something else, but that's not going to get done for a while, so here's something to tide you over. Schooner's moody, lo-fi rock is another one of my long-term favorites, so I was excited to see that ringleader Reid Johnson had put a couple of their demos up on the band's MySpace. (Though a little anxious, since he seems to be suggesting that the followup to You Forget About Your Heart is running into snags -- hope they're ones that can be overcome!) "Ominous Bird" is a somber, introspective waltz , while "Carrboro" (another song about Carrboro!) is a more upbeat number that seems to show a certain Rosebuds influence. They were tagged as "album teaser", and they're working for me -- looking forward to the real thing, guys!


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