Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Blag'ard: "Losty", "Peaches in Cream" (from Blank Faced Clocks 2006)

This kind of follows on my post from Friday about Black Taj, in that it's new music with roots that stretch back to another era of Triangle music*. Blag'ard is more or less Joe Taylor, who used to play in a band called Capsize 7. They put out a couple of records in the mid-90s and seem to be lumped in with Archers of Loaf and Polvo more often than not. I dunno, I haven't heard them myself (yet again I kick myself for not actually paying attention to local music back when I was in college...), these songs do have a mid-90s indie feel about them. They're pretty stripped down, just Taylor and drummer Bill Buckley, but they have a nice raw, twitchy energy. They are (I think) from the forthcoming Blank Faced Clocks EP -- e-mail the band for info.

Blag'ard plays on Friday (7/14) at the Wetlands in Chapel Hill with Cannons and Manamid.

Nothing to download, but in searching around for information on Capsize 7 (hard to find!), I came across Tommygun, a band that includes Geoff Abell, another former member of that band. They make a similarly pleasing sound that shows traces of that history -- listen here. If you're in Winston-Salem, they play on Saturday (7/15) at Rubber Soul.

*Of course, that post just about killed my traffic dead, so who knows why I'm continuing down this road....


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