Thursday, September 30, 2004

This Weekend's Shows

The big show in town this weekend is the Independent Weekly's Indy Music Awards. It starts at 6:00 p.m. Saturday (10/2) at the Cat's Cradle and Carrboro Arts Center. Maybe I'm a dope, but I can't actually find a performance schedule anywhere. In any case, here's a selection of some of the local artists nominated for the first ever Indy Music Awards (and wouldn't you be dying for that pig statue?!?):

The Rosebuds: "Kicks in the Schoolyard" from Make Out (buy)
nominated for Best Rock Band, Best Rock Record,Best Rock Song (this very song!)

Two Dollar Pistols: "Runnin' With the Fools" from Hands Up! (buy)
nominated for Best Country Band, Best Country Record, Best Country Song (though not this one)

Caitlin Cary: "Cello Girl" from I'm Staying Out(buy)
nominated for Best Solo Artist, Best Solo Record

Superchunk: "Her Royal Fisticuffs" from The Laughter Guns (buy)
nominated for Best Rock Band

Some quibbles:
  • I guess you have to acknowledge Superchunk in the rock band category, since (as the Indy says) "they are to Chapel Hill what REM is to Athens and Fugazi to D.C.," and their impact as founders of Merge Records is arguably even greater. But they haven't had a new record since 2001. Hopefully this award would go to a band that's a little more active right now.
  • Claming the Mountain Goats and Branford Marsalis as local musicians seems a little questionable, but whatever.
  • I gather there's some question about the voting, especially how to prevent ballot box stuffing. (But what's a local music gathering without the political element?)



At 8:09 PM, Blogger Craig said...

allright you're up and running! I linked to you on my site so keep posting. Sometimes it seems like no ones there because of no comments but I think only a very small percentage of people comment



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