Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Connells

A while back, a commenter asked about the Connells. I thought I'd post something in response, but it fell through the cracks, and I see that Peter at Bars and Guitars went ahead and wrote about them on his own. I must confess that the Connells were not really my sort of thing back when they were in their prime, and I didn't pay much attention. "Slackjawed" did make some kind of impression on me -- I remembered it when I started digging around to reacquaint myself with the band -- and I'm certainly more open to their pop style now, though there's nothing that really floors me.

A couple of mixed-bag overviews here and here, and a blurb for a local show nearly a year ago here. Their web site hints that they might be working on a new album, but also says "don't hold your breath."

MP3: "Choose a Side"
(from Boylan Heights, TVT 1987. Buy )

MP3: "Slackjawed"
(from Ring, TVT 1993. Buy)

MP3: "Living in the Past" (Jethro Tull cover[!])
(from Ring (import) and New Boy [EP], TVT 1994. Buy )

MP3: "Maybe"
(from Weird Food and Devastation, TVT 1996. Buy )


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