Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Polvo

Just a quick post to follow up on last week's post about Polvo, one of the big names of the 1990s Triangle music scene. I downloaded 1993's Today's Active Lifestyles, and like it quite a bit. It surely isn't easy listening, but a some challenging stuff in the musical diet is good, right?

I also came across a couple of songs from their later albums on Touch and Go Records, Exploded Drawing (1996) [review] and Shapes (1997) [review]. They don't sound that different to me on limited listens -- Shapes' "Enemy Insects" is slightly more mellow, but that't highly relative here -- but at least one person has recommended Exploded Drawing to me as Polvo's real high point.

MP3: "Feather of Forgiveness"
(from Exploded Drawing, Touch and Go 1996. Buy it here.)
MP3: "Enemy Insects"
(from Shapes, Touch and Go 1997. Buy it here.)


At 6:43 PM, Blogger QuarBy said...

props. polvo rulez.


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