Friday, June 24, 2005

Erie Choir


A while back, I went to see a show at the Duke Coffeehouse that included a band called Erie Choir. At the time, their web site was pretty bare, but now they've added some music to listen to, and it's good stuff.

Their live show featured a full band, and although I enjoyed the music, it did start to get a little same-y sounding (lots of songs in a mid-tempo shuffle). These are mostly acoustic guitar, though one does feature a fuller lineup. I think that may serve the songs better.

Here's a review of their recent EP, Bad Tsars is a Drag: "Echoing a '70s singer/songwriter rock style, Eric Roehrig's bright acoustic strum, gentle tenor croon and spare, airy arrangements meld the confessional style with a touch of '80s new wave and jangle."

MP3: "Favorite Fotos"
MP3: "Lullaby for John Grives"
(from Bad Tsars is a Drag [EP], self-released 2004)

MP3: "Trunion Pike"
(from Erie Choir [EP], 2000)

Don't know where you could buy these -- maybe direct from the band (contact). Erie Choir plays tomorrow (6/25/05) at Ooh La Latte with Regina Hexaphone, a lovely band in their own right.

*Photo nabbed off Flickr from ninecherries. See more here.



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