Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Balance: in good company

Well, The Balance is a new band to me, but since they're playing tomorrow night with two other bands that I like quite a lot -- The Sames [prevously 1, 2] and North Elementary [previously 1, 2] -- I thought I'd check them out. I'm glad I did -- it's good stuff. The first impression is of reasonably typical indie rock, but subtle things make it more interesting -- for instance, the way that "Charlatan" speeds up towards the end, or the semi-electronic breakdown in the middle of "Himeola."

I really like the drumming -- Matt McCaughan's jazz influence adds nice varation and flow. (Bass player Wes Phillips is actually a great drummer as well, in Ticonderoga and the Physics of Meaning [previously].) Guitarist Jim Bradley used to be in the Ashley Stove as well. This trio recorded a self-titled album in 2004 [review], and recently added a second guitarist, the Sames' Clay Merritt, and Dan Byrk on keyboards (etc.).

MP3: "Charlatan"
MP3: "Himeola"
MP3: "On A Wheel"
(from The Balance, 2004. Buy it from the band -- send 'em an e-mail)

There are a few other songs to stream at the band's My Space site.


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