Friday, May 26, 2006


Shakermaker: "What Can We Do"
(from Music Room 2006. Buy it from the band or at CD Alley in Chapel Hill.)

I don't know a whole lot about Shakermaker except that they're based in Chapel Hill, released their first album, Music Room, a couple of months ago, and have played in some pretty good company lately. I mentioned them recently on a bill with the stellar Can Joann and the catchy Hotel Lights; they opened for Dios (Malos) last year, and earlier this week, they played with Say Hi To Your Mom and the quirky (to the point where it's almost too much but then not quite) SNMNMNM (gotta give them a post of their own one of these days...).

Music Room is a nicely varied collection of catchy songs -- sometimes rock, sometimes folkish, occasionally a little twangy. You might find some similarity to the Shins (as the Indy blurb here suggests). Sometimes I get a mellowed-out Spoon vibe ("Junkie" is reminiscent of "I Summon You"). "What Can We Do" and "Refugee" illustrate Shakermaker's breadth; the former a loping rocker, the latter a delicate acoustic number (the horn intro and celeste [?] in the background are a nice touch). If you like those, you can find some other songs from Music Room at the band's site or myspace page.

I suppose if I were smarter, I'd hold this post until they have a show coming up, but evidently I'm not so smart. I have no idea when or where they will strike next. Keep your eyes open for these guys, though -- they're good.


At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Jim2131 said...

Shakermaker's next show is Friday, June 23 at Local 506 (with Human Television and Cities) at 9:00 PM. Be there!

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Jim2131 said...

That's in Chapel Hill


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