Friday, September 22, 2006

A Rooster for the Choir: couple of new songs

A Rooster for the Masses:
"Damn Homie"
(new song. Buy/download the Gallo Rojo EP.)

Erie Choir:
"Picture Equals Proof"
(from Slighter Awake, forthcoming on Sit-N-Spin.)

This week has not been conducive to listening to/thinking about music, so in lieu of anything thoughtful (I know, but that's usually what I'm aiming for), here are a couple of new songs from bands that I've written about before that have floated out into the MySpace in the last week or two.

"Damn Homie" lowers the synth level and ups the guitars from the songs on A Rooster for the Masses Gallo Rojo CD. It's a fine addition to their small-but-solid canon, though I might prefer a bit more clarity in the vocal mix. "Picture Equals Proof" is likewise a slight departure from Erie Choir's general MO in that it's a little peppier than I tend to think of them.

Neither of these bands have shows this weekend, but they'll both be playing next month as part of the stellar lineup of Durham's Troika Festival. I'll come back to this soon. First, though (if I can manage it), I'll post early next week (rather than my usual late-week schedule) about some of the bands playing at Sparklefest.

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At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog yo!
Unfortunately the vocal was distorted
as part of production.

It’s been that way since we demoed it at a much slower
tempo over two years ago.

The song and it’s subject matter are aggressive, I think the
intent was to sound more aggressive and or different then anything
we’ve released to date.
PISSED, basically.

The Trail of Tears is one of the most gruesome and grisly events in American history.
It’s our sardonic reminder and interpretation of how selfish people were and in many ways and places still are.

If you can’t make out the words I’m sure Adam would be happy
to post them.

Thanks so much for the support!



At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the song as aggressive as it is. It sounds well enough, you know. The only thing that troubles me is those shoes’ status. They look non aggressive, but dirty. Where have you been, guys?


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