Friday, December 10, 2004

The She-Mamas: rock on, ladies

I bought this Durham Rocks! CD a while ago, and one of the tracks that jumped out at me this morning from my random playlist was "You're No Good For Me" by the She-Mamas. The three women (April Crider on guitar, Melissa Thomas on drums, and Krista Schrieber on bass) have been playing together for about a year, and have a song on the recent Chicks Rock comp as well as the aforementioned Durham Rocks!

So, as you might guess, they rock, rather in the Sleater-Kinney vein. This is promising stuff: the songs are good, though the recording quality's only average. Hopefully they can get things a little more polished for an EP or full-length. I bet they have a good live show, too -- there's energy to spare in these recordings. (Love to hear the rumored cover of AC/DC's "Big Balls"...)

MP3: "You're No Good For Me" (this one's the best, IMO)
MP3: "Man of Mystery"
MP3: "Tango"
MP3: "New Kind of Kick" (least favorite -- the shouted chorus doesn't do it for me)


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