Friday, December 03, 2004

Caitlin Cary (formerly of Whiskeytown)

I previously mentioned former Whiskeytown member Caitlin Cary as a member of Tres Chicas, but it's time to highlight her solo work. Unfortunately (or not), I'm busy and uninspired, so I'll just say that she's made some nice alt-country that often reminds me of Mary Chapin Carpenter (who sings on a couple of tracks on Cary's latest, I'm Staying Out). Lovely voice, wish she would play the fiddle more. Chris Stamey produces (big surprise). Here's a couple of interviews. Just listen.

MP3: "Cello Girl"
MP3: "Sleepin' in on Sunday"
(from I'm Staying Out, Yep Roc 2003. Buy or download.)

MP3: "Shallow Heart, Shallow Water"
MP3: "Thick Walls Down"
(from While You Weren't Looking, Yep Roc 2002. Buy.)

MP3: "Rosemary Moore"
(from Waltzie, Yep Roc 2000. Buy or download.)


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