Friday, February 04, 2005

Jule Brown

Jule Brown is also known as Mark Holland, from now-defunct roots rock band Jennyanykind. On his own, he works an updated blues sound, both electric and acoustic, with some fine harmonica playing. He's working on a record for Enabler Records; some demos for this are featured below. Check him out in Chapel Hill next week at Fuse (2/10/05 at 100:00 p.m.).

"How Can the Free Defeat the Palace?" [128 kpbs/4.8MB]
"Evil is Coming" [128 kbps/2.6 MB]
"She Blows My Mind" [64 kbps/1.8 MB]
(demos for forthcoming album)

"It's All Good, It's Understood" [128 kbps/4.7 MB]
(live at Temple Ball; Carrboro, NC; 12/2/04)


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