Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Moaners

OK, I'm a little behind the curve on this one. Chapel Hill guitar/drums duo The Moaners released their debut album, Dark Snack, last week, and Honey, Where You Been So Long and Just for a Day already blogged it. Each of those posts has a song to download that's still available as of this writing, though it might not be for long. The Independent had a nice article last week previewing their CD release concert.

Melissa Swingle (guitar, harmonica, vocals, saw) was in Trailer Bride, a Chapel Hill band that worked the "Southern Gothic" thing to great effect. Laura King (drums, guitar, vocals) came from Grand National. Together, they make a swampy, bluesy, raucous noise that's pretty thrilling.

MP3: "Heart Attack"
MP3: "Terrier"
(from Dark Snack, Yep Roc 2005. Buy or download.)

MP3: "Everybody Wants My Baby"
(From Bandwidth: Celebrating 10 Years of Internet Radio on WXYC-Chapel Hill. Read about it here, and download more here.)

If you're curious about Swingle's other band...
MP3: "Hope is a Thing with Feathers"
(from Trailer Bride Hope Is a Thing With Feathers, Bloodshot 2003. Buy)


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