Wednesday, March 02, 2005

International Orange: ex-band

Speaking (as I was last week) of former Ben Folds Five members, I was all set to put up a post about International Orange, whose members include BFF bass player Robert Sledge and Snuzz (!), as well as guitarist Django Haskins and drummer Jason Fagg. They make a nifty pop/rock noise and were cited as one of 12 bands not to miss in the Independent last year.

All set, as I said, but when I sat down to pull together links for this post, I learned that they've just disbanded. They did manage to get out an EP, Spoon Box, which was (again, per the Independent), "mesh of rootsy, country-tinged, pop-savvy indie rock, united by fine, understated playing and thoughtful lyricism."

Here's a couple of demos from the band's web site:
MP3: "Prince Charming"
MP3: "Afraid of Love"
MP3: "The Worst in You"
(buy Spoon Box here)

Snuzz has some other music in the same vein up on his web site, of which I like this one best:
MP3: "Lemonade"

Haskins may be more interesting on his own, if his 2003 album overeasysmokemachine is any indication. Here's a sample; if you like it there's more here.
MP3: "Talk Talk"
MP3: "State Road Valentine"
(from overeasysmokemachine, 2003. Buy it here.)

Haskins also has an intriguing new project -- about which, more tomorrow.


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