Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Can Joann

Only time for a brief post today, so let's go with a band that I know basically nothing about other than their music. Can Joann is a four-member rock band based in Chapel Hill. The Independent calls them "an intriguing mix of pop finesse and supple indie guitar crash", and some pretty nimble bass playing, I'd add. Within a basically conventional indie rock framework, they do manage to mix up their sounds a good bit, from garage rockers like "West Side" to more pop numbers like "Sympathetic Thrill" to the semi-funky "Cameron's Sleeping".

They have an EP (The Aiden Grace EP) and a full-length album (Meet Me on the Sly), both (I think) self-released. Their web site is undergoing renovations and their MySpace site is pretty sparse also, so I don't have much other background to relay. There are a bunch of MP3s here; I'll highlight a few favorites.

MP3: "West Side"
MP3: "Cameron's Sleeping"
(from Meet Me On The Sly, self-released 2003)

MP3: "Sympathetic Thrill"
MP3: "Lady Luck"
(from The Aiden Grace EP, self-released 2004)

I don't know how you can buy these albums, but if you e-mail the band I bet they'll tell you. Or you can ask them at tonight's show at the Library in Chapel Hill (with Randy Bickford's rootsy Strugglers -- should be fun!).



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