Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Clearing the palate: Monsonia

After all the pretty music around here lately, here's a blast of complex, noisy rock from Monsonia. Since the name of the band is also the name of a plant, they are damn hard to Google, and their web site doesn't offer up a lot of detail. The Independent describes them like so:
Monsonia plays math rock that manages to be as fleet and able as it is sludgy and heavy, matching serpentine guitar lines with concomitant walls of overdriven, gargled distortion and one of the more dexterous rim shot 'n' high hat drum attacks that the Triangle currently claims.
Good enough for me. Hope you enjoy it too.

MP3: "Sober Up, Start Liftin' Weights"
MP3: "I've Been Practicing My Free Association"
(from forthcoming EP)


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Monsonia said...

we've added a little bio thing to our website if you'd like additional information.

the poster on this entry is by jeremy boyd, and the photo below on all these blog pages is of monsonia drummer andy's head

thanks, mark!


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