Thursday, February 24, 2005

SXSW Profile: Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops

Like the Avett Brothers, Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops aren't actually based in the Triangle (they're from Canton, up in the mountains), but there's no reason to stick to arbitrary rules when I like the music.

They're also like the Avett Brothers in that they play lovely folk/country/bluegrass music, though Jennie's voice really makes this something special. I was surprised to see that they had played on Neko Case's live album The Tigers Have Spoken -- I only knew that the Sadies were on it -- but it makes sense. They fit right in. After their SXSW show, they'll be playing in Europe, followed by an East Coast CD release tour.

MP3: "Mount St. Helens"
(from Roll On By, Bloodshot Records 2005. It's out in April, so I guess then you can buy it here.)


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