Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Maple Stave

What is it about these instrumental rock bands that appeals to me so much? (See previously Malt Swagger, Shark Quest.) I guess it's my only partially submerged prog history peeking through. (O yes!)

Maple Stave is another one more or less in this vein, though with a more straightforward instrumentation -- guitar, bass, drums, though apparently they switch instruments freely -- without the more exotic sounds of those other bands. Still, it's effective, evocative music with some good energy.

I first noticed a nice track ("Theme", see below) on the Durham Rocks! compilation, but found some additional samples on their web site. I haven't found much [any] information about the online, but they do have a blog of their own. As near as I can tell, they don't have an official album out, but they are selling self-made CD-EPs at their shows. The next chance for that is Jan 27 at Kings in Raleigh.

MP3: "Theme"
MP3: "Bird"
MP3: "Books on Code"
MP3: "Curse of Caul"



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