Monday, December 13, 2004

Mangos and Mandolins

I have a lengthy list of music blogs I scan regularly. There are a handful that hit my sweet spots so cleanly that I pretty much download everything they put up. One of these, Benn loxo du tàccu worked its way onto my sidebar a while ago with no fanfare, but it's a pure delight -- African music of all sorts from highlife to contemporary Senegalese rap. "Mattgy" just doesn't miss.

And I just now stumbled across another that I think will be in this category. Thanks to Big Rock Candy Mountain for the pointer to Mangos and Mandolins, "Music from Appalachia to Brazil, with plenty of detours." Everything up there now is worth checking out, but I am especially enjoying the Wayfaring Strangers.

God bless y'all -- I wish I could pull this kind of thing off.


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