Monday, February 07, 2005

Go Machine

Go Machine is three remarkable multi-instrumentalists making a fascinatingly beautiful blend of electronic and acoustic music. Their hybrid of laptop beats, Americana-inspired guitar, soaring violin, and the occasional theremin results in a wild range of comparisons, though Radiohead does seem to come up pretty often. I've also seen "Modest Mouse-meets-Air-remixed by Prefuse 73" (here), and "sad-eyed country-electro-rock fusion" (here).

Daniel Hart was a member of the Polyphonic Spree, and played violin on their recent tour. David Daniels plays guitar/bass/drums/keyboards and seems to be more responsible for the Americana strain of their music. Alex Lazara handles keyboards, programming, bass, and theremin.

Originally, this was a four-piece band, but drummer Jeremy Portwood left after recording 2003's look to the. The remaining members adjusted their performances to compensate, but apparently it hasn't been easy. They are currently on hiatus, while they figure out what their next step will be. In the meantime, there are some ongoing side projects, which I'll feature later this week.

MP3: "Many Times" [128 kbps/3.9 MB] -- dreamy pop song
MP3: "Doppelganger" [128 kbps/3.9 MB] -- here's where the electronic and the acoustic really come together to good effect
(from look to the, Bu Hanan 2003. Buy it here.)

MP3: "Oregon" [128 kbps/3.6 MB] -- simple guitar line; delicate vocals; aching, soaring violin
(live on WXYC 8/29/04.)


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