Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Physics of Meaning

Today, I'm focusing on Go Machine violinist/guitarist/bassist/etc. Daniel Hart. As I mentioned previously, he has played with the Polyphonic Spree (and still does sometimes). Of co-writing for Go Machine with David Karsten Daniels, Hart says, "David's songs are Wilco, mine are the Postal Service."

(no subject)His current project, The Physics of Meaning, doesn't have that electronic feel to it -- the samples on the web site are quirky pop songs with a fairly straight ahead guitar/bass/drums lineup, augmented by Hart's violin. Hart has pulled together a great collection of local musicians, including guys from Ticonderoga (previously mentioned here) and Utah! (whose Ann Polesnak adds her cello to the string section). Look for an album to be released this summer on Bu Hanan Records.

MP3: "Columbia and Cameron" [192 kbps/6.6 MB]
-- like the snaky, distorted guitar line about 3 minutes in
MP3: "The Fountain of Youth Dries Up In An Election Year" [192 kbps/6.2 MB]
-- more string-heavy
MP3: "Oregon" [192 kbps/5.1 MB]
-- sparse and delicate, but more fleshed-out than the live Go Machine version featured previously


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