Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday Miscellany

Just a few odds and ends for a busy Monday morning:
  • Here's an unreleased track from the dB's 1987 album The Sound of Music. This was after Chris Stamey had moved on, but Peter Holsapple could still write a fine pop song. This one rocks a little harder than most dB's songs.
    MP3: "Rains Around Here" [128 kbps/2.2 MB]
    (from the Sound of Music sessions 1987)
    Buy some stuff here, and watch for a new dB's album sometime soon!
  • The Rosebuds have also been in the studio recording a new album, Unwind, which will be released in April. You can listen to a track called "I'd Feel Better at the Rosebud's MySpace site. (It says you can download it, but I keep getting an error message when I try.)
  • (The?) Maple Stave have their new EP out, and one track available on their web site. I seem to have been mistaken when I previously classified them as an "instrumental rock band" but this is still a nice, dark little song that gets nice and noisy by the end.
    MP3: "Demons"
    (from EP1, self-released 2005. Buy it here.)



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