Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Sames et al. at the Coffehouse

After a fine show last Friday night (Prayers & Tears and Rosebuds -- review to follow), Duke's Coffehouse has another great lineup tomorrow night. It's the CD release show for Durham's The Sames, with Schooner and Erie Choir supporting.

The Sames were one of the very first bands I wrote about, back when I was still apologizing for not having the vocabulary to write about music. I know better now, but I still like their stuff -- solid, melodic indie rock. Here are two songs from the new album:

MP3: "Heart Pine"
MP3: "In Liberty Heights"
(from The Sames, You Are The Sames, Pox World Empire 2005. Buy.)

Schooner wasn't too far behind The Sames in my posting history, and they are not dissimilar. (I see that my pet phrase "melodic indie rock" was used in that posting as well...) No new tracks to highlight, but check out the ones in the old post. Schooner's recording a new album at the moment, so hopefully they'll give us a taste soon.

Erie Choir I don't know much about, and their web presence is scant. Apparently they do a fine cover of "Purple Rain." If this song is any indication (and if it's actually the same band...) I'll have to dig a little harder. It's a lovely acoustic number.
MP3: "The Ballad of Erie Choir"
(from ??? help me out someone.)

Friday, April 22; Duke Coffehouse; ~9 p.m.; $8/$5 Duke students (includes Sames CD!)



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