Thursday, May 12, 2005

C[ary] & C[ockrell] Music Factory

I have been eagerly anticipating the forthcoming recording from Caitlin Cary (previous post) and Thad Cockrell (previous post) ever since I found out about it when I was previewing NC bands at SXSW. Cary has released two lovely albums of country/folk since Whiskeytown split up, and Cockrell has several albums of more straight-ahead country to his credit. They've written songs together and contributed to each other's albums for a while, so this recording of duets was a natural progression, as this Independent article describes.

While Triangle super-producer Chris Stamey had produced most of their previous solo output, this time around they met in Nashville with Brad Jones and a studio band that included Roman Candle's Logan Matheny. The result, called Begonias, will be released in mid-June, but Craig at Songs:Illinois has a preview track up now. Check out "Party Time" here.

Yep Roc also has a track up at their site, but the link is somewhat wonky. I haven't been able to download the song using Firefox, but it worked OK with Internet Explorer. It's worth the effort, though, if you like the twang. It's a lovely tune, somewhat slower-paced than the song Craig posted.

MP3: "Two Different Things"
(from Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell Begonias, Yep Roc 2005. Pre-order here.)

(Other welcome news from that Independent article: Tres Chicas, which includes Cary, will record a new album in London this May. And Roman Candle's Wee Hours Review -- a Chris Stamey supervised re-recording of their 2002 Say Pop -- sounds like it might finally see light of day soon. [Previous post])


At 8:01 PM, Blogger Craig said...

hey thanks for the mention, the way I get the yep roc links to work is to right click and select save link as and then add a .mp3 to the text in the window that opens. it is screwy what yep roc does I'm not sure what their problem is with this.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger peter patnaik said...

oh man this is awesome stuff. Have you blogged birds of avalon yet?

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Anonymous said...

We are adding all 11 tracks from Begonias to the playlist tomorrow. Slide over and check it out and if you like it we would appreciate a post. My family hails from North Carolina so of course we are heavy on the triangle bands.


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