Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tennis and the Mennonites

Tennis and the Mennonites are a fairly new band, so I haven't been able to learn much about them. They've put together an EP called Magnets, which you can download from their MySpace page. It's a bubbly bundle of peppy pop songs (hello alliteration!), and they sound like they'd be good fun live. Try this one to start, but they're all worth a listen.

MP3: "Wicked Man"
(from Tennis and the Mennonites, Magnets EP, 2005)

They play tonight at The Library in Chapel Hill with The Honored Guests, whose drummer, Andrew Kinghorn, also plays guitar for Tennis etc. I wrote about the Honored Guests a while back, and still really like their album Iawokeinacityasleep. Their web site has a snazzy new design, and although there's no new music since my previous post, the band is in the studio, so maybe we'll hear something soon. I should say that the Honored Guests have earned bonus points from me for being the first band to link back to the Oak Room -- thanks guys!


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