Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nothing but a song

MP3: "Gold Guitars"
(Farblondjet [Sandra Covin], from Compulation Volume One: Songs from North Carolina, Pox World Empire 2003. Buy it here.)

...but oh what a song! A shuffling drum machine, an organ, a lovely female voice, and a melody that has stuck in my head since I heard it.

Farblondjet is Sandra Covin, who came to the Triangle from San Francisco and apparently has moved on to Florida since Compulation was released. She may have released an album called Life in the South, and/or The Butt Vicinity, but Google reveals little.

So, Ms. Covin is an mystery wrapped in a riddle smothered in secret sauce to me, but she has left behind a lovely piece of music.

The MP3 is hosted at a seemingly-defunct Triangle music zine called Nobody Gives a Shit About Music Anymore. I hope they don't mind my linking to it, and I wanted to be sure to give them credit.


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