Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Winston-Salem NC, you don't stop..."

Well, I never thought I'd hear my hometown name-checked in a rap song, but here it is. Thanks to the Stypod for the pointer to Brother Reade, an (at least partially) NC-based hip-hop group. I'm not much of a rap expert (Public Enemy is still my standard, for what it's worth), but this suits me fine. Here's a blog concert review, and an old MP3 blog post (files gone, but you can see what someone who seems to know that they're talking about thinks...)

MP3: "Fire This Time"
MP3: "Gliders"
(from Seven Days in the Same Clothes -- don't know when it was relased or if you can buy it.)
Stream some more songs at their MySpace site or from their own web site.


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