Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Eyes to Space: because everybody loves a keytar

What's not to like about a band that combines a keytar (homemade, no less!) with shredding guitar solos and an oboe, and claims to be "good humored dance music for the robot intelligentsia"? That's Chapel Hill's Eyes to Space.

I get a kind of Devo-meets-Iron Maiden vibe from them, which admittedly sounds kind of ridiculous, but their good natured acceptance of that silliness somehow works for me. (They come close to taking the ironic approach too far, but just manage to pull it off.)

MP3: "In An Unfamiliar Land"
MP3: "Roadkill"
MP3: "Dear Sir"
(probably from their EP 4-Sight. Their website doesn't say, and they don't tag their MP3s. It doesn't seem to be for sale [?!?] but you can buy their album The Elephant Experiment here.)

MP3: "Moving to Iceland [Jj remix]"
This is a totally different kettle of fish from the tunes above. This is mellow and spacy, lacking the humor and cheese of the other tracks. Honestly, more people may like this one, even though it doesn't seem to fit as well with the Eyes to Space aesthetic (though I have no idea how it compares to the original).


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